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Once upon a time, in the moderately sized town known as London, lived a king and his beautiful wife. The king who ruled over London was strict but fair. His town was prosperous, and the people who lived there were never ones to complain...much. Most people never knew the kings first name. They called him King Michaelis. The Michaelis family had ruled over London for as long as anyone could remember.  And yet, another family lived in the palace as well. The Faustus' were relatives of Michaelis family. Though they held no power, they lived a life of luxury. There were times where members of the Faustus' family tried to overthrow the Michaelis', however none of them succeeded. The Michaelis and Faustus family's held a dark secret though. They were not mere mortals, but in fact, Demons.      
After some time, the queen gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The boy quickly became the talk of the town, not only because he was a prince, but because he was q
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Commission for Ichan-01 Part 1
It was a typical, dreary Saturday morning in a small town in Colorado. The sun was just peaking over the horizon, though it was hard to see as there were many dark clouds in the sky. The smell of the morning dew on the grass was evident and the faint sound of birds chirping could be heard. No cars drove out on the street just yet, for the town's few shops did not open until at least six a.m. Nothing unusual seemed to be happening- most residents in the town were home safe in bed, save for a few early morning joggers that were going though the town's park.
One of these said joggers was doing his normal run through the park when he noticed that a hand was sticking out from under a nearby bush. Figuring it was just a person that had too much to drink the night before and ended up passing out at the park, he walked over to the hand and nudged it gently with his foot. "Hey," The jogger called. After getting no response, he nudged the hand a few more times, and still nothing happened. The jo
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Phantoms Story chap1 Awakening
Out in this realm known as the Ghost Zone, everything seamed strangely quiet. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary for the inhabitants, that is until a bright, white light flashed threw the sky the spread all thought the Zone. A few of the creatures that happened to see the flash, stopped for a moment to look before shrugging their shoulders and continuing what ever they were doing. One particular ghost though, observed the flash more intently though a window of his home, or as ghosts call it his lair, before a small smile appeared on its face. The ghost turned around to face what looked like a round television screen. The screen lit up and on it was the place from which the light had originated from. The ghost nodded in satisfactory, before the screen went blank and he turned away.
At the place where the light had come from, hundreds of rocks of all shapes and sizes floated about. Upon one of these rocks lay a young boy, unmoving and unaware of his surroundings. As time went on, many
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Phantom's Story-Prologue
Everyone knows of a planet called earth. It's a place where beings called humans roam. For most humans, earth is considered the only place with 'life'. In some retrospect they are right. However, what about beings that are non-living but still exist? Most humans, when asked if they think there is such a place, would say it was impossible. But, what if there was a world that held the dead? What if there was a place where ghosts, as the humans called them, could roam? Well, let me just tell you now, that there is such a place, and our story begins there, in the Ghost Zone. Where a young boy's life was forever changed.
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Case of the Missing Tooth
Felita: jack & maddie *knocked phantom and made his tooth collapsed*
then at home
maddie : O.o danny why your front teeth missing
Hannah: Danny: Uhhhh.....
Felita: maddie : (eh wait- don't phantom just lost his front teeth?)
Hannah: Danny: Er, no...
Felita: maddie : how'd you lose your teeth?
Felita: hannah C8
Hannah: Danny: Er...
Hannah: Danny: I...tripped...
Hannah: XD
Felita: maddie : how'd you lose your teeth?
Felita: hannah C8
Felita: maddie : how D8
Felita: Jack : you looks funny son
Hannah: Danny: *blush*
Felita: Maddie : next time you need to be more careful D8 lemme see your teeth... danny- it's an adult teeth... it wont grew again D:
Felita: maddie *check Danny's teeth and found some green liquid*
Felita: maddie : O.O
Hannah: Danny: What, what is it?
Felita: maddie : why- why there's ECTOPLASMS on your mouth
Felita: typo- there're
Felita: jack : O3O wat? Lemmesee
Hannah: Danny: *slams mouth shut*
Felita: maddie : its's really ectoplasm!
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Trapped in the Ghost Zone-2
"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Ghost Zone," Danny announced.
"What?" Everyone screamed.
"I didn't wish to go to the Ghost Zone!" Star cried, before bursting into tears.
"Yeah, Desiree may grant your wishes but not always in the way you think," Danny said calmly. "So now we are trapped in the Ghost Zone."
With that, everyone (with the exception of Danny, Sam, and Tucker) started screaming and running around in circles.
"EVERYONE CALM DOWN!" Danny hollered.
Everyone skidded to a stop and stared at him.
Everyone quickly sat down, even Danny's parents. No one liked the look in Danny's eyes. His eyes seemed to say "if you don't do what I say, I'm going to kill you."
Danny stared pacing and muttering to himself. "Great, just great. How am I suppose to get everyone out of here without using my powers? Let's see ..." After a few minuets he turned to Sam and Tucker. "So that over there is Fright Night's castle," he said pointing
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Ciel Phantomhive by rockgrl13 Ciel Phantomhive :iconrockgrl13:rockgrl13 8 10
Trapped in the Ghost Zone -1-
Today was not going well for Danny.
First of all, his alarm didn't go off, so he had to rush to get ready for school, thus skipping out on breakfast. By the time he got out of the house, he had five minutes to get to school. So he went ghost and took the airel route.
Unfortunately, Skulker decided to try to capture Danny. By the time he got Skulker out of his suit, he was five minuets late for class. To add to that, he now had a long cut going down his arm.
Danny quickly flew to school, grabbed his jacket out of his locker (to hide his cut), and rushed off to class.
"You're late Mr. Fenton," Mr. Lancer said sternly.
Danny looked at him, nodded, and then went to his seat.
"That will be an hour of detention today and I will be calling your parents," Mr. Lancer said.
He just nodded again. For an hour Danny tried to listen to Mr. Lancer drone on and on about Romeo and Juliet, but ended up just staring out the window.
Once the bell rang Danny was the first one out the door. He really didn't
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His Death Note
Dear whoever is reading this:
I wake up in the middle of the night screaming in terror. My family use to rush to my side, but then it just because a nightly routine. What do I wake up from, that brings me that much fear? It's probably not what you think.
Most kids have nightmares about showing up to school in their underwear, or its about something they saw in a horror movie...not me though. I don't get normal dreams anymore, then again I'm not really a normal person, but I will tell you more about that later.
So, what dose keep me awake at night and haunts my dreams? It's something with blood-red eyes and a heart as cold as ice. It's something with literally no humanity, who doesn't care if others die. Infact, it is the one doing the killing.
What is this thing you ask. I will tell is me, or what I almost became. Dan, as we call him now, my evil future self. Dan, a name feared by many in an alternate time line. A man known by that name that destroyed many innocent lives, and
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Well, I'm a little sick of my username. I made this account when I was not really interested in making usernames that were good. This account will still be used for a little bit, while I transfer over art. Probably for about a month. I have been meaning to make a new account for a wile now, but never got around to it. I guess now is as good a time as any.

Watch me at my new account! TheGoddessofMischief
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
ID made at… :) I actually own an outfit very close to that, and yes, I do have blue in my hair.

Well, my name is Hannah. Also known as Ghostgal4 at fanfiction, and Thejesusfreak13 on Youtube.

I am a goth and proud of it! ...Also I am slightly insane :D

I love meeting new people, so feel free to message me!

My Lovies <3 :iconsarahjunebug: :icontorosiken: :icongwen4567: :iconguitar-child: :iconadden: :iconvklover11: :iconspectral-ninja: :iconilovedannyphantom914:

Well, that's about it. :D



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